What Worked For Kate Cat

  • Support: we trained her to use her hind legs by putting a scarf under her tummy and gently held her upright as she walked. Same thing goes for her in the toilet. She didn’t have enough control to stay upright, she needed the support (although she would complain vehemently about it.)
  • Soft plate : reduce the painful smashing of the face on the sides and bottom of the bowl.
  • Low water : her water bowl has very little water. She does not lick, so her face (nose) will dunk into the water almost every time she drinks.
  • Soft food : paste works for her. Not too soft, not too hard. Too soft, she can’t pick up (like I said, she does not lick). Too hard, she can’t swallow.
  • Thick rug : whenever she becomes unstable, she will fall to the floor. Sometimes, her face will slam into the floor. Rug helps a lot. She knows it. She would stick to the rug when she is not stable.
  • Cushion, pillow or soft toys: for the wall and corners. The darn wall is as hard as the floor and almost always hitting her face or head.
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