Kate – Now and Then

April 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Kate was this small when she became mine…

Kate was this small

Now she is getting longer…

Growing longer
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In Memory of Samson

March 17, 2009 Leave a comment


You were the friendliest creature I met. You welcomed every new addition without reserve. You shared your home without complaints. I was the dumb animal who couldn’t speak your language. You understood mine well enough.


In memory of Samson, my sunshine.

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Kate’s Strawberry

February 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Kate’s strawberry house

I don’t know if the designer of the strawberry house was appealing to the cat owner or the cat, but I love the house.  It is really cute.

Kate loves it for a different reason.  It keeps her feeling safe and warn when no one is at home.

Her head is still shaking too much for the camera to capture.

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Kate says it’s Yummy

January 29, 2009 Leave a comment

The video is dark, but go to 0:08. When the food is just nice, she says “yummy”.

When she has her good days, all I need to do is let her use my leg to prop herself  when she eats. It takes over an hour just to get her food ready, feed her AND wash her. LOL. The hardest thing is washing her face and paws.

She has a few table clothes which she dirtied too fast for me to keep up. I have to resort to using newspaper now.

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It’s a New Year, Kate

January 26, 2009 Leave a comment
Chinese New Year
Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

Things calmed down a bit these few days. I am glad I caught up with my sleeping.

We brought Kate Cat to see the vet on 24 Jan 09 before they closed for the Chinese New Year week.

She is now 1.2kg.
She got her 3rd vaccination shot.

But the vet was not happy with the grime (and smell). We bought Derma-Pro shampoo to wash her up (but we must wait after 5 days because she just gotten her shot) so that she wouldn’t get into some infections etc. I was just glad we have something to wash her so she wouldn’t smell like ground-up cat food.

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Two Steps Back

January 20, 2009 Leave a comment

It was just a convenient decision. We decided to buy canned cat food for her. It seemed a good choice.

Firstly, her face is caked with grime because of the cat-food paste we make for her. Honestly, we were too happy she was eating that we didn’t notice the grime was getting out of control until it was out of control. Every meal we have wash her face and carefully.

Grime Face
Dirty face after each meal

Secondly, the smell of cat-food ground and made into paste is absolutely horrendous! The cat will like it. I still can’t get the smell out of my head…

Thirdly, the inconvenience. This girl gets hungry in the middle of the night, unlike my rabbits whom I leave food for them to eat themselves, we have to prepare the food for her… so it was tiring.

So we bought a can of cat food.

She ate happily. Until.

When I got home just now, I realised her toilet is still clean and dry. That is odd, because she is quite consistent with her ablutions.

I noticed her paws and her face skin were red. Something was definitely not right.

This is not going well. Her breathing sounds a bit whimpering. Darn it! Darn it!

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One Step Forward

January 16, 2009 Leave a comment

I was so happy when she she grabbed my hand and started to bite me the way she used to in October 08.

It hurt a lot more now because she is bigger and stronger… and I haven’t trim her claws.

We both slept through the entire night last night. She purrs like a…er…what else purrs?

She is trying to walk faster now.

Looking Forward
Lounging around happily
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