About Kate Cat and I

Will You?
When my husband and I took her in, we had no idea how bad it would go. We thought she was a physically handicapped kitten who should be given a chance to be loved.

The vet told her it would be like having a special child. Yes, more than that. Changes has to be done and are still done to our lives. We are not sure when can we go for a holiday because unlike a special child, you can’t bring your pet to most hotels in this country. Who can we trust to board her, with her extra needs?

There are times we consider putting her to sleep instead of letting her suffer. But would we be doing it for our sake or hers? I need to know, should I let her live or let her sleep for my sake or hers?

I am not sure how long this journey will be, so I tell her story here, hoping that by telling her story I can find my answer.

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