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Two Steps Back

It was just a convenient decision. We decided to buy canned cat food for her. It seemed a good choice.

Firstly, her face is caked with grime because of the cat-food paste we make for her. Honestly, we were too happy she was eating that we didn’t notice the grime was getting out of control until it was out of control. Every meal we have wash her face and carefully.

Grime Face
Dirty face after each meal

Secondly, the smell of cat-food ground and made into paste is absolutely horrendous! The cat will like it. I still can’t get the smell out of my head…

Thirdly, the inconvenience. This girl gets hungry in the middle of the night, unlike my rabbits whom I leave food for them to eat themselves, we have to prepare the food for her… so it was tiring.

So we bought a can of cat food.

She ate happily. Until.

When I got home just now, I realised her toilet is still clean and dry. That is odd, because she is quite consistent with her ablutions.

I noticed her paws and her face skin were red. Something was definitely not right.

This is not going well. Her breathing sounds a bit whimpering. Darn it! Darn it!

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