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It was around 2 a.m. I was really tired. Overworked, too little sleep and a two-month cough.  Just for once, I told myself, she can wait.

But she refused to wait. She decided to climb the bed.  And she fell.

She trashed and slammed into the bed posts, the wall, the cupboard… every darn hard thing there was in the room.  It was a nightmare.  By the time I gathered her into my arms to prevent anymore injuries, she was in full seizure.

I put her on my bed, and she promptly released her feces and urine.  Her eyes were rolled back, her jaws were opened widely and stiffly.  She was terrified, she was trying to close her jaws, trashing around, crying in pain.

I switched on the lights. I kept calling her name and trying to wake her up.   She didn’t wake up.

We got ready to drive her to a 24-hour clinic.  But slowly she seemed to revived.

Later, we brought her to her vet. Her vet checked her and found no broken bones, however, she suffered some soft tissue damage near the base of her skull.

Her nervous condition degraded to absolutely terrifying.

We are back to Square One, may be the square before One.

Next time:
Don’t shake her or try to wake her up.
Don’t switch on the lights.
Put her where it is cool, where her blood will circulate.
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