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A Man, A Cat, My Heart Breaks

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Kate Cat…

I saw her banged her face again. She fell over again. I don’t know what happened, why she regressed again.

I sat down and cried.

I want to know, was I being self-righteous in letting her live? Is this a life, like this, with non-stop problems, knocks, pain? All I want is a better life for her. Her being able to eat, walk, play… I don’t care if she cannot jump, if she cannot mew, I don’t want her to chase birds…

Will it get better? If not, should I put her down? Am I putting her down because I wanted out of this responsibility?

I can’t think straight… I haven’t have a full night sleep for at least two months.

My husband took over, hold his hands to her sides the way I do, and steadies her so she can eat.

I see the man soothing the kitten, my heart breaks.

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