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Everything Is Despair

As usual I would put my hands at the side of her face while she ate so that her trashing wouldn’t fling her on her side.

That one second, I looked away.

She bit into my finger. My first finger. Her curved incisor went into the divide between my finger and fingernail.  And she bit down.

I tried to open her jaws. She bit down again.

The moment I freed my finger, the blood spurted.  Great.

It was almost midnight. I went to the hospital for wound-dressing and a tetanus shot.

The doctor asked, “A dog?”

I answered, “No, my cat.”

He asked, “Angry cat?”

I answered, “Er, no. It has a nerve problem.”

The disbelief on his face was as plain as the headlights at night.  Perhaps I should have come up with a better story.

This plus that plus and plus amounted to over a hundred dollars.


Kate Cat bit a finger on my left hand.  The doctor shot me on my right arm.


Doctor’s Tip:
A tetanus shot last five years.
Next time make sure the shot is on the same arm as the wounded finger, no need to divert attention to two spots of discomfort.
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