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Yellow T-Shirt of Love


Yesterday it was Jimmy who took her home.

She was crying and made a mess in Jimmy’s car’s backseat (luckily she was in a box).

She came back with a yellow T-shirt and a strong smell.  Obviously she was no strong enough to step away from her messes.  But Jimmy gave her his T-shirt.  She seemed content with that soft bright-coloured blanket.

She still couldn’t stand for long, not could she stop shaking.

It is Friday, no one else could or would take her for the weekend.  Amanda and Jimmy have reached their limits, for that, I sincerely say that they have done more than what anyone would do.  I refused to take her in.  I have three other pets to take care.  And bringing an unvaccinated, un-dewormed stray into the house is something I didn’t want.

I was angry to be forced into saying yes simply by the blatant hint that she would be abandoned again if nobody would take her in.  I demanded that a vet checked her first.  Kenneth and Amanda took her to the vet this evening so that I would take her back.

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